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Message from the CEO

Rhinebeck Bank is committed to our future as a local financial institution helping people and businesses flourish in the communities we serve. This long term strategy has served us well and has helped us to sustain growth in a difficult economy.

The Bank continues to lend money to new and existing businesses, new home buyers and those who needed a new or used car. As a local bank focused on the business of banking, we hold ourselves to the standard of making sound, consistent decisions for our community, our customers and our employees. Our responsibility lies in providing our communities and customers with financial leadership in an environment that is safe and secure, year after year, through good times and challenging times.

Through our division, Rhinebeck Asset Management, we have enhanced our Advisory Services. With these partnerships our customers are afforded the expertise of insurance specialists, portfolio managers and wealth strategists which allows us to offer practical and custom tailored solutions to help assure their financial health and well-being.

For 159 years, Rhinebeck Bank has been an integral part of the economic growth along the Hudson River and a driving force for commerce. Over the years we have remained local, with our headquarters in Dutchess County. We pride ourselves in being personally involved in our business communities and charitable organizations. And, it is through our ability to be responsive to the needs of our customers that we continue to grow. 

Our entire Rhinebeck Bank team is dedicated to making sure the next 159 years are just as successful. We're constantly looking for ways to offer the best banking, investment and insurance services to our customers, who deserve nothing less.

We appreciate your business.


Michael J. Quinn
President & CEO

Michael J. Quinn
President & CEO

Board of Directors

Louis Tumolo, Jr.
Chair of the Board

Michael J. Quinn
President & CEO 

Frederick L. Battenfeld

William C. Irwin

Shannon Martin LaFrance

Suzanne Rhulen Loughlin

Christopher W. Chestney

Freddimir Garcia



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