I am often asked, why should I bank at Rhinebeck Bank?

Upon reflection, I have distilled my response to a few key points:

your community bank

  • We are a Bank that shares your commitment to the COMMUNITY; the success of Rhinebeck Bank is tied to the fortunes of our local economy. As our local businesses and residents succeed and prosper, the more our bank can benefit. Our employees live locally, our loans are made locally, we are invested within our community.
  • Our decisions are made LOCALLY; Rhinebeck Bank has face to face relationships with our clients, large and small. When decisions are being made, they are being made by people who understand the local needs with personal knowledge of the market and individuals involved.
  • The services provided are the same (or better) than those provided by the larger institutions. All banks have evolved to meet the needs of their clients and have developed multiple access points whether by electronic means or in person, all offered at much more affordable pricing at a Community Bank.

In summary, if you are interested in a Bank that employs local people, is invested in the local community and makes sound decisions by people who live and work locally and are committed to the success of the local economy, then Rhinebeck Bank may be the best choice for you.

Richard J. Kolosky

SVP, Commercial Lending