I get asked this question quite often when speaking with the public and it is a great question. In fact, sales people typically have a 30 second “elevator” speech prepared as a response when asked about the company they work for. In my opinion, as a Rhinebeck Bank Branch Manager, there is not an easy 30 second, answer I can give, and I’d like to tell you why.

Firstly, everyone has different needs and desires. In order for us to tell someone why they should bank with Rhinebeck Bank, we will want to set up an appointment. During the appointment we will ask questions and get to know more about the person and/or business. We take notes. We listen, continue to ask more questions from what we learned, and we will make a recommendation. In many cases, especially for business owners, the recommendation will come a few days after and require a follow up appointment. We understand and respect the importance of people’s time, so we focus on quality of the appointment, and look to provide the best fit for the client. In some cases, we may tell someone that Rhinebeck Bank is not the best fit for their particular needs or business type, and may make outside suggestions. With that said, this is why I love working for Rhinebeck Bank, because we will never have a scripted or generic response, and we focus on doing the right thing.

Secondly, Rhinebeck Bank is founded on relationships. We don’t offer promotional rates just to get you in the door, and we don’t open your account and then send you on your way. We provide you with an ongoing business relationship, personalized products and services, and face-to-face conversations. Our small local size also provides me with direct access to Senior Management to provide solutions designed for you when you need them. As a society we are consumed with advertisements, and impulsive sales techniques that force consumers to make ill-informed or poor choices. At Rhinebeck Bank we are more than just ads and sales. We are your business partner, and without your success, we wouldn’t be around.

Lastly, we are more than just a bank. In general banks have a preconceived perception that is often quite negative. For Rhinebeck Bank to stand out among the crowd, we need to go above and beyond your average bank. We take pride in our ever-growing community presence. Our employees serve on a number of local boards and committees. We frequently sponsor and attend local events, galas, and fundraisers. We’ve even teamed up to sponsor First Friday in Poughkeepsie in an effort to do all we can to better the community and economy in which so many of our customers live and work.

In conclusion, the best answer to the question “Why Rhinebeck Bank?” is to come find out. Sit down with one of us, and let us know what you’re looking to do. If we think we have what you need, we’ll let you know why we’re right for you. But more importantly, if we don’t think we can help you the way you need, we won’t hold you back. We’ll let you know that we don’t have the specific product or service you’re looking for, and we’ll try to point you in the right direction.

(Member FDIC)

Peter Sestito

Branch Manager, East Fishkill

Peter Sestito - headshot