Last year Rhinebeck Bank started a Mentor Program for our employees. The goal was to attract quality new hires, develop leaders within our organization, and retain high-potential employees. We are happy to say that we recently rolled out our second class of Mentors/Mentees, and have more than 50 employees participating in this very well received program. 

A Mentor Program pairs a more experienced professional with a less experienced individual. The focus of the mentor/mentee relationship is to support the growth and development of the mentee, with the mentor being a source of support, insight and knowledge.   

Rhinebeck Bank has invested the time to develop a formal Mentor Program. We care about our employees and want to offer and encourage participation in a program where employees experience professional and personal growth.   We want to train our employees by providing them with the opportunity to develop and exhibit leadership skills.  

Not all employers have the time and resources to devote to a formal Mentor Program.  A successful Mentor Program takes a lot of commitment from mentors, mentees, managers and executives.  But the lack of a formal Mentor Program with your employer does not mean you cannot enter into a Mentor/Mentee relationship elsewhere.  Think about your professional and personal networks.  Who do you admire? With whom do you share common interests?  Professional growth can occur from interaction with others through work, meetings, organizations, etc.   A mentor can be your boss, a teacher, a neighbor, a relative, a colleague, etc.  The important thing is to know what your mentor partnership goals are.   Well-defined goals will help your mentor know what it is you would like to accomplish, establish the work to be done, and maintain the focus of the relationship.

Take charge of your career by seeking your own mentor pairing.  Be the one to define your goals and achieve what you set out to do.  Your career will thank you for it.

Jeanine Borko

SVP, Human Resources

Jeanine Borko - Headshot