1.     The first way to save is with a home-cooked meal.  Instead of going out to a romantic restaurant, bring the romance right into your own home with a well-thought out dinner for your significant other.  This is not only more cost-effective,  it also adds a more personal touch.  And if you have kids, see if you can grab a trusted neighbor, relative or local student to watch them for the night.

2.     Take advantage of the free activities that are offered in your local town.  This varies for different areas, but with a little sleuthing, you are almost guaranteed to find freebies or cheap activities to entertain  yourselves.

3.      Another option is DIY, Do It Yourself!  This can range from making their card instead of buying it, a scrapbook of memories that you both share, or an I OWE YOU booklet.  Some examples of IOUs can be doing the laundry, dishes, making dinner, watching the kids, massage, etc. (BE CREATIVE!)

4.    Taking a class together.  This one can be a little more expensive, but depending on the class, you can come out of it with your gift, such as a pottery class, a painting class, etc.  Not only are you making your gift, you’re making it with your significant other and the price of the gift is included in the activity!   What could be better than that?  Another fun class is a cooking class, and with that, you avoid a meal because you’ll get to eat what you make!

5.      Plan a weekend getaway, but for a later date so you are avoiding peak prices.  With so many app options for housing. A, you can find a place to stay in almost any city for a low cost.  This is both thoughtful and something that can be done together, making it all the more special. 

6.     Avoid online shopping.  If you are planning on buying a gift, make sure to make the trip into the store and you can save on shipping costs, and you are also supporting local businesses, which is always a plus.  And in most cases you should be able to find some good deals, ones that would not be offered online, and the gift is most likely to be more unique from a local store than relying on a large online retailer or department store website. 

 These are just a few of the many ways  to save this Valentines day. One of the key takeaways is to focus on the thoughtfulness of the gift, not the price.  As the age-old saying goes, it’s the thought that counts.   

Rhinebeck Bank Staff