About a week ago, I had the opportunity to help our Human Resource Department at a local college career fair for students. With the original expectation that conversations would be geared around salary ranges, scheduling, or benefits, I was quite surprised to find out that they were actually more often centered around students being “just curious” because they were not sure what they wanted to do upon graduation, or asking me “Well, why do you like to work at Rhinebeck Bank?” It was at that point I recalled talking to Rhinebeck Bank at the start of my own career, also being introduced at a college fair and thinking the very same thing - younger adults do not know exactly what they want.

Friends talking outside

Searching for the best, honest answer to these questions, I recalled something I once read - “Working hard for something you don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something you love is called passion.” The truth is that this has become one of the most influential statements for my career at Rhinebeck Bank (even if it’s only two years strong).

The ability to work within a local community; knowing I am making an impact on both macro and micro levels, one day at a time. The opportunity to be a part of an organization that takes pride in the growth of the surrounding area, rather than solely capitalizing on it.- Those realizations have become a few key responses to my “What do you love about working at Rhinebeck Bank?”  If you were to speak to many of the other employees that work here at the Bank, I can assure you the responses would vary tremendously.

I’m more than happy to explain how Rhinebeck Bank offers competitive salaries, benefits, or work-life balance that allows me to enjoy my personal time, but the hard truth is simple - many companies do. It’s finding a compatible culture that works collaboratively towards both a company’s growth and the growth of each individual employee during their Rhinebeck Bank career. The most important thing to discover is what the difference is at Rhinebeck Bank:

  •   A Goal Setting Environment
  •   Development Plans
  •   Guidance and Coaching

These three influential components of Rhinebeck Bank’s work culture are what have continuously allowed me and many others to continue to grow throughout the organization. At Rhinebeck Bank, you get a chance to discover your strengths, improve upon your weaknesses, and work towards cultivating yourself professionally through the many opportunities provided, including things like mentor programs, job shares and shadowing opportunities.

If you are a motivated individual looking to not only have a job, but a rewarding, meaningful career visit: www.rhinebeckbank.com/careers.

Stefania Riccitelli

Digital Marketing Coordinator